MOJ-CSO’s Platform on TRRC Recommendations Launched


By Musa Saho

The Ministry of Justice in collaboration  with the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC),  Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation (GIJTR), and The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Gambia (TANGO), on Tuesday, 5th April, 2022 launched the  MoJ-CSO Platform and  coordination workshop for Government and Civil Society Organization representatives on implementing the TRRC recommendations at a ceremony held  at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Center in Bijilo.

The workshop targeted stakeholders from Gambia Government entities, the National Human Rights Commission and selected Civil Society Organization representatives working on transitional justice issues in The Gambia.

In his opening statement, the Minister of Justice, Honorable Dawda A. Jallow said, the purpose of the coordination workshop was to promote and prepare for a coordinated and holistic approach to truth, justice and social cohesion goals that can give effect to the TRRC recommendations, and to ultimately produce a coordination framework for the government’s white paper.

According to him, the coordination workshop will enhanced the awareness of civil society’s current and upcoming work in support of the government’s transitional justice goals and availed ways of coordinating activities towards the attainment of their common goals.

He added that, setting up of a robust consultation and coordination mechanisms will be crucial in fostering effective implementation of the TRRC report.

The Justice Minister further  informed the participants that this forum will be a standing body, which will meet at periodic intervals to consult, exchange ideas and manage the coordination of post-TRRC implementation with CSO’s to ensure that the implementation process is well coordinated in order to avoid duplication of efforts.

 “CSO’s were one of the beacons of hope during the 22-year dictatorship and they have played a very important role as partners in the transitional justice process,” he said.

He therefore, urged partners working in the transitional justice, to ensure that the transitional justice process in The Gambia is victim-centered and does not end without the completion of the TRRC.

Minister Jallow finally thanked  stakeholders like the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC), The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation (GIJTR), and The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations in The Gambia (TANGO),  for their unwavering support and hope that the coordination workshop will achieve the desired objectives of fostering increased coordination towards the effective implementation of the TRRC recommendations.