The Legislative Drafting Department specialises in preparing all government bills in accordance with current best practices in the field.

The ultimate goal of the Legislative Drafting Department is to translate policy into laws which are unambiguous.

Key responsibilities

  • Receive drafting instructions and conduct legal research of legislative proposals.
  • Analyse legislative proposals and advise on policy.
  • Prepare, vet and amend bills.
  • Prepare Cabinet memoranda for the approval of bills and for bills to be laid before the National Assembly.
  • Attend meetings of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on New Bills, to render legal assistance to the Sub-Committee when it is considering bills.
  • Arrange for the announcement of bills in the gazette and the subsequent printing of these bills by the government for members of the national Assembly
  • Attend sittings of the National Assembly when bills are being presented, to render legal assistance to the Assembly and incorporate amendments made in the bills during sittings
  • Liaise with the government printers for the printing of assent copies of Acts for the President's signature and subsequent publication in the gazette.
  • Vet subsidiary legislation for execution by the relevant authority.
  • Arrange for the publication of executed subsidiary legislation in the gazette.
  • Prepare warrants of appointment of judges for the President's signature
  • Distribute gazette copies of laws to law officers.
  • Advise ministries, departments and agencies in relation to the interpretation of statues, legislative drafting, the legislative process and legal matters generally.
  • Maintain a legislation database to facilitate public access to up-to-date legislation.
  • Represent the Ministry at conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the authorities.