The Companies Department under the Ministry of Justice is responsible for registering various categories of businesses and charitable bodies in The Gambia.

These include;

  • Companies (Private Limited Liability Companies, Companies Limited by Shares, Companies Limited by Guarantee, Public Limited Liability Companies and Branch of a Foreign company/External Companies );
  • Partnerships (Limited Partnership, General Partnerships, Firms);
  • Sole Proprietorships (Sole Trader, Individual Entrepreneurship or Proprietorship); and
  • Charitable Bodies (Charitable Organizations, Associations & Foundations) .

The department issues business and incorporation certificates to businesses and charitable bodies upon registration. All these processes can be completed within a day at our main office in Banjul or at our branch office in KMC.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship, is a type of business that is owned by one person. Sole proprietorships are easy to form unlike other business entities, and the owner benefits from the sole control of the business profits.

As there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business entity, the owner is personally liable for all business losses and liabilities.

Registration requirements

To register for a sole proprietorship, individuals should complete form SWR 3 (Application form), accompanied by;

  • Photocopy of National Identity Card, Passport or Driver's Licence of Proprietor / Owner; and
  • A copy of the TIN Card of the Proprietor / Owner



Registration Fee D500  

Partnership Business

To register a Partnership, parties should;

  • Apply for a name reservation
  • Complete form SWR7 (Application form)

These should be accompanied by;

  • A copy of the registered Partnership Deed / Agreement ( This entails payment of stamp duty at The Gambia Revenue Authority and registration of the deed/agreement at the Registrar General’s office)
  • A copy of TIN Card for the partnership business
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card, Passport or Driving Licence of partners
  • Business Registration fee
  • Incorporation fee



Fee Amount
Name Reservation Fee D500  
Business Registration Fee D1,000  
Incorporation Fee ( For General Partnership) D5,000  
Incorporation Fee (For Limited Partnership) D10,000  


Company Registration

In order to register a company, interested parties should;

  • Apply for a name reservation
  • Fill form SWR 7 (Application form)

These should be accompanied by;

  • Articles & Memorandum of Association of the company
  • A copy of the TIN Card for the company
  • Photocopy of National Identity card, Passport or Driver's licence of Shareholders, Directors and Secretary. If any of the shareholders / Directors is a non-resident, particulars of his/her agent in The Gambia, should be attached.


Name Reservation Fee D500  
Business Registration Fee D1,000  

* For the registration of a company limited by guarantee: D 5000

Incorporation Fees

Share Capital Fees  
Share capital of up to D500,000 D10,000  
Share capital of up to D500,000 to 1,000,000 D15,000
Share capital of up to D1,000,000 to 10,000,000 D20,000  
Share capital above D10,000,000  D25,000  


Foreign / External Company Registration

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association of the principal/parent company (a certified copy of the translated English version is required to be submitted if it is in a foreign language)
  • A Copy of I.D card or passport of parent company’s directors, shareholders and secretary.
  • A copy of the Tin card for the company
  • A copy of the board resolution or a power of attorney from the parent company, appointing an agent who is permanently resident in The Gambia.
  • Fill application form CO38
  • Registration fee



Business Registration Fee D1,000  


Interested parties will need to complete the following forms;

  1. Application form - SWR7
  2. Statutory forms - CO32 & CO33

The submission should be accompanied by the following:

  • Original copy of the constitution;
  • Last page to constitute name, address, telephone number & signature of executive members;
  • Photocopy of passport, national identity card or driver's license of president, chairperson and secretary;
  • A copy of the TIN card for the association, foundation or organization; and
  • Registration fee



Registration Fee (if community-based) D500  
Registration Fee (if not community-based) D2,000  


A Community-Based Organization (CBO) is an organisation that provides social services at the local level. It is a non-profit organisation which operates within the confines of a particular community.

A Non-Community-Based Organization (Non-CBO) is generally a formally structured organization which operates beyond one’s community or nationally and even internationally as the case may be. They are primarily concerned with development projects, or advocacy NGOs, which are primarily concerned with promoting a cause.