The Criminal Prosecution Department has a team of lawyers comprising of the following:

  • Director of Public Prosecutions;
  • Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions;
  • Principal State Counsel;
  • Senior State Counsel;
  • State Counsel;
  • Public Prosecutors; and
  • Legal Clerks.


The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is under the Criminal  Prosecutions Department and it is inter alia, saddled with two main responsibilities;


  1. The responsibility of commencing, taking over, and continuing or discontinuing criminal proceedings against or in respect of any offender in The Gambia subject to the direction and control of the Attorney General as per section 85 (4) of the aforesaid Constitution.
  2. The Criminal Prosecutions Department advices Government Ministries, Parastatals and security agencies including, but not limited to The Gambia Police Force, State Intelligence Services and the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency on criminal matters affecting individuals, corporations and the State.

The Criminal Prosecutions Department is headed by the Director of Public Prosecutions who works together with a team of lawyers to achieve its desired constitutional objectives. The Director of Public Prosecutions, as well as all the State Counsel under the director have right of audience before all the courts in The Gambia to prosecute and defend appeals lodged against the State.

The Public Prosecutors on the other hand, also work directly under the supervision of the Director of Public Prosecutions. They draft legal opinions, charges and prosecute accused persons only before the Magistrates' Court.