Gambia Co-facilitates Draft Resolution on the Prevention & Punishment of Crimes against Humanity


By Musa Saho

In line with the Government of The Gambia’s continued commitment to peace and security, protection and promotion of human rights and progressive development of international law, the Permanent Mission (PM) of The Gambia to the United Nations in New York, joined a group of likeminded states and co-facilitated with Mexico a draft resolution on the prevention and punishment of crimes against humanity at the UN, with a view to providing opportunity for the elaboration of a future convention that enjoys universality.

On 18th November 2022, this draft resolution, which had already garnered 86 cosponsors prior to its call to action, was adopted by consensus after 3 years of cyclical inertia in the Sixth Committee.

Before taking action on the said draft resolution, the prevention and punishment of crimes against humanity, Mr. Amadou Jaiteh, counsellor and legal adviser at the PM of The Gambia to the UN in New York, in his capacity as co- facilitator, outlined the objectives of the draft resolution as follow:

First, it offers a dedicated space for a substantive exchange of views on all aspects of the draft articles on prevention and punishment of crimes against humanity, and an opportunity to consider further the recommendation of the International Law Commission for the elaboration of a convention by the General Assembly or by an international conference of plenipotentiaries on the basis of the draft articles.

Secondly, the draft sets out a process for the consideration of this topic by the Sixth Committee, for the 77th, 78th and 79th sessions of the General Assembly.

Thirdly, it sets a clear and defined timeline in which the Sixth Committee, at the 79th session of the General Assembly, will further examine the draft articles and the recommendation of the Commission and take a decision on the matter, without prejudice to the question of their future adoption or other appropriate action.

Furthermore, Counsellor Jaiteh went further to  expressed The Government of The Gambia profound gratitude to all the 193 member states of the UN for the trust they placed in The Gambia, to Co-facilitate the most difficult and challenging negotiations. The Government of The Gambia further expresses gratitude and sincere appreciations to all member states for their constructive engagements throughout the process.

“The success of this resolution brings solutions for accountability and justice to the world. The Government of The Gambia continues to contribute to international law and its progressive development as it relates to peace and security as well as protection and promotion of human rights” Mr. Jaiteh concluded.