Alieu Jallow

Curator of Intestate Estates (Acting)

Mr. Alieu Jallow joined the Ministry in 2012 immediately after the completion of his bar studies at the Gambia Law School in Banjul. Prior to that, Mr. Jallow worked as a freelance journalist for the Daily Observer Newspaper in 1998 and from may 1999 to August 2000, he was with the hospitality industry. In October 2000, Mr. Jallow returned to journalism, this time with the public broadcaster - The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) - where he served until October 2012 when he joined this Ministry.

At the Ministry, Mr. Jallow was posted to the Prosecution Department where he was involved in the prosecution of cases on behalf the state in Banjul and the provinces. Mr. Jallow also worked in the Civil Litigation and International Law Department. When the office of the Registrar General became vacant in November 2014, Mr. Jallow was assigned to man the said office as Acting Registrar General. As Acting Registrar General, Mr. Jallow was responsible for the registration of Deeds, Marriages and industrial Property rights amongst others. In December 2018, Mr. Jallow was again redeployed to the Companies Division as head of that Department. As Registrar of Companies, Mr. Jallow is responsible for the registration of all businesses i.e. companies, partnerships, sole-proprietorships and associations of the different categories etc.

Mr. Jallow was born in 1972 in Bulock, Gambia. He holds a Masters Degree in Intellectual Property Law from Africa University (Zimbabwe).